StudentLoansRx.com responds to the needs of emerging healthcare professionals with large student loan balances. 

It became clear to us a few years ago that graduate-level healthcare professionals such as dentists, medical doctors, pharmacists,  healthcare administrators, veterinarians and others with large student loan balances were not receiving sufficient advice and financial planning assistance as they transitioned from school into residency or their careers. That's why we're here.

While there are a number of online resources, very few provide live, real-time access to licensed, experienced advisors able to provide the comprehensive financial planning advice you will need as you transition into residency or your career. This is what makes us unique. 

The StudentLoansRx.com Value Proposition

Our experienced, licensed professional team will help you create a smart, cost-effective plan to address your student loan debt in the context of your career aspirations and other important financial planning issues you will need to address as you transition into residency or your career. 

Together, we’ll start planning early, even as you are considering your first job offers. You have accomplished so much. It would be our pleasure to help you develop a plan to leverage all your hard work and sacrifice as you transition from school into residency or your career.

Consider your last year of school/residency and all that you have to get done making the transition into residency or your career.  

1. Studies, final exams, a thesis and boards to complete.   

2. Looking for job,  reviewing job offers and negotiating a contract. 

3. Researching and possibly visiting prospective employers in unfamiliar cities. 

4. Relocating from school/residency to new living situation and starting a new job, perhaps in a new city.

Our clients have found it extremely helpful working with a team of experienced professionals who understand the specific needs of emerging healthcare professionals. 

You don't have to go it alone.

To start a conversation, please visit our  "Needs Assessment" page.