As an independent Registered Investment Advisor we are held to a fiduciary standard which requires that we provide you with advice and services that are in your best interest based on the information you provide us.  Your transparency and involvement will be critical in creating a comprehensive financial plan that addresses your student loan debt alongside the other important financial planning issues you may face as you transition from school into your career.  
We work with you and for you. We are advocates on your behalf with your student loan servicer(s) and with other financial institutions that might be involved in your student loan repayment strategy. Our goal is to help you accumulate accurate information from the financial institutions you will need to work with regarding student loan repayment.  With accurate information, we will help you create a student loan repayment plan that is most appropriate for your situation, within the context of an overall financial plan.  An overall financial plan will address planning issues like: budgeting, risk management (insurance) and investments.   
We do not have any conflicts of interest in helping you evaluate financial institutions who may wish to provide you offers regarding student loan refinancing, when and if that strategy is appropriate.  We do not receive any compensation to recommend any particular financial institution if student loan refinancing is appropriate for your situation. As a result you can feel confident that we are providing you with objective advice in this important area.
The advice we provide our clients relating to student loan repayment planning is based on information that comes from a variety of reputable sources, primarily from resources provided by the Department of Education-DOE or federal student loan servicers. We are not agents or representatives of the DOE nor do we have any relationship with the DOE that would compromise our recommendations regarding student loan repayment planning.  
It is important to understand that the DOE establishes policies and rules regarding student loan repayment, sets interest rates and creates policy and rules that govern federal student loan consolidation, income-based repayment plans and oversees the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program-PSLF.  Those rules and policies are subject to change at any time without our advice or prior notification.  While we aspire to be as current as possible on the various policies and rules that govern student loan repayment programs, your primary source of information regarding student loan repayment should always be your federal student loan servicer(s) or information provided directly by the Department of Education, often times found on https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action
By hiring us to help you create a financial plan that includes student loan repayment planning, you are agreeing to hold us harmless from any adverse results as a result of the advice we provide which may be based on inaccurate information provided by federal loan servicers or inaccurate information provided by any agent or representative of the Department of Education, federal student loan servicer, studentloans.gov or any other agent or representative authorized to provide information on behalf of the Department of Education or federal student loan servicer.
Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with RBF Wealth Advisors by reviewing the ADV Part 2 Disclosure form that is contained in the folder at the bottom of this page.
Upon you decision to hire us, you will be required to review, sign and date the Financial Planning Agreement found on the SLRX Forms page.
We look forward to assisting you create a financial plan that will enable you to transition into your career with confidence that your financial issues have been planned and addressed in the most effective and competent manner.

Advisory Services offered through RBF Wealth Advisors.