Third, our 360-degree approach.

We help you navigate the complexity of student loan

We help you navigate the complexity of student loan repayment planning within the context of an overall and evolving financial plan.  Student loan repayment planning should not be considered a transaction, one-time event, nor in isolation from the other important financial issues you will need to address as you transition into your career. There will be a number of financial decisions you will be making as you transition from school into your career. Each of these decisions will impact one another and will contribute towards the ultimate outcome. Having a comprehensive plan will provide the best opportunity that your short and long-term goals will be realized.

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And finally, trusted advice adds value.

Independent Registered Investment Advisor

Throughout your many years of education, you learned from and benefited from the advice of professors, instructors, veteran industry professionals and senior class members. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary duty to provide you with advice and services that are in your best interest. We aspire to be your trusted wealth advisor as you transition into your career and for many years to come. We aim to achieve that designation very early in our relationship as a result of listening to your unique needs and helping you address those needs in the most professional and competent manner. 

Remember student loan interest accumulates daily and during the grace period

Starting your planning early, as you are considering job offers, provides the best opportunity that your financial and career objectives will be achieved and can save thousands $$ in unnecessary interest charges.