The following forms and information pertain to Federal Student Loan Consolidation.  Your primary source of information should always be your federal loan servicer or StudentLoans.gov.  However for the convenience of our clients, we have created this page that includes instructions on how to complete a Federal Direct Consolidation Loan App and Promissory Note along with the necessary forms to accomplish a Federal Student Loan Consolidation.  

Depending on the federal loan servicer(s) you are currently working with, in many cases, Federal Student Loan Consolidation can be accomplished on-line. 

For the clients we work with, we assist them with completion of the necessary forms, when and if loan consolidation is appropriate.

Instructions for Completing Federal Direct Consolidation Loan App and Promissory Note

Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Request To Add Loans

Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Application And PromissoryNote

Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Additional Loan Listing Sheet

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