We look forward to helping you create a financial plan that will assist you in reaching your goals and that will leverage all your hard work.  To that end we will need to collect some data from you in addition to what you initially provided when you completed the "Needs Assessment". Some of these documents you may have now, others will become available as you enter your career.

Additional Financial/Legal Documents Needed:

1. Employment Agreement with details of employer benefits

2. Disability Insurance Policy Summary

3. Life Insurance Policy Summary

4. Investment Statements

5. Estate Planning Documents (wills, trust, healthcare or financial directives)

When you are ready to hire us, you will need to download our Planning Agreement contained in the folder below, SLRX Planning Agreement.  Once you review, please sign and date (cannot accept electronic signature/date at this time) the last two pages of the Planning Agreement where instructed and return the entire document to us through the Message/Document/Payment Submission page on this site.

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