StudentLoanRX Process

The StudentLoansRX Process

1. Complete On-Line “Needs Assessment Questionnaire” (10 minutes or less)
2. Schedule 15 minute “Needs Assessment Call” using link to
    a. Call must be scheduled within ten days of questionnaire submission
3. During call “Needs Assessment Questionnaire” will be discussed and you will be provided time for Q/A regarding the StudentLoansRx process
4. If after the call, you choose to move forward with us, you will be prompted to complete our On-Line Financial Planning Agreement or we will e-mail you a              copy for completion.
5. A deposit of $100 via PayPal, towards our $750 financial planning fee, must accompany the Financial Planning Agreement to begin the process. The                    remaining $650 financial plan fee is due at the completion of the financial plan but no sooner than 60 days after client begins employment. Let me repeat that,      the bulk of our financial planning fee, $650, is NOT invoiced until the plan is complete and the client has been employed for no less than 60 days.
6. StudentLoansRx process can start as early as 6 months before graduation and typically the initial planning is completed within 120 days of graduation,                providing you engage with us.

Special Notes:

1. We cannot communicate with your student loan servicer(s) without your participation. Our process requires you to be available, at your convenience, to make      joint phone calls to your current and potentially future loan servicer as needed. In communicating with loan servicers, we act as a coach or advocate to ask          questions, clarify responses and to guide you through the process of selecting the correct repayment method. Most of this process takes places over the              phone and by completing forms provided by the loan servicer on-line.
2. Loan servicers move at their own pace and we have NO control over that. A typically private refinance transaction can take up to 30 or more days. A loan            consolidation within the Federal loan program can take 60-90 days. However, during that time we are working on other aspects of your financial plan as                needed.
3. You are required to provide us accurate information regarding your student loans and ANY other financial matters that would impact or influence our advice.
4. The Department of Education, the US Congress, loan servicers, forgiveness programs and private lenders may change their rules, interest rates and or plans      at any time. Our advice is given based on the information provided by those entities at the time we help you create a plan.

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