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Income-Driven Repayment

Be prepared. It’s important to consider this option as soon as you begin to receive an income.

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Public Student Loan Forgiveness

Be informed. It’s necessary to be aware of which payments qualify under the current PSLF rules.

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Private Student Loan Refinancing

Be careful. Before refinancing, it’s imperative to understand the pros and cons of private lending.

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A Complete Review Of Student Loans w/ Mark Johnson Part One

Not sure how this next presidential administration will affect the student loan industry? Tune in to hear Mark…

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Student Loans For Practice Owners And Real Estate Investors w/ Mark Johnson Part Two

Today Mark finishes his conversation with the Vibe Tribe elaborating on loans and the smart moves to make when…

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Dr. Nacho Interviews Mark Johnson of Student Loans RX

Dr. Nacho Interviews Mark Johnson of Student Loans RX. Watch the video for more interesting details.

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View and listen to our most popular webinar, Smart Strategies for Student Loan Repayment. It’s just over an hour, so grab a snack/drink and be prepared to take notes. Enjoy!

Planning Packages

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Single Foundation Plan


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Couples Foundation Plan


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Resident Foundation Plan


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Single Grad Plan


Couples Grad Plan


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